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Why Choose CoinVille is a micro earning payment platform. Where user is allowed to register with their bitcoin wallet address. User can earn bitcoin every minute by completing offers, doing surveys, playing free rolls, install mobile apps, surfing websites, watch videos, quizes & many more options to earn bitcoin every minute.

Safe & Secure

Safe and Secure

This site is completely safe to use and protected by HTTPS

Featured Promotions

Promote your website in featured   area and get known.

Survey & Offers

Provides the highest rewards on completing offers & surveys.

Safe & Secure

Referral Earnings

10% referral earning from users, by promoting your affiliate links.

Play Free Rollers

Playing our free rollers & earn even more rewards every time.

Bitcoin Transaction

Withdraw your rewards directly to your bitcoin wallet.

What is bitcoin

Crypto Currency Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptographic money. It is a decentralized computerized cash without a national bank or single director that can be sent from client to client on the distributed bitcoin nodes without the requirement for mediators.

No registration system required to join here. You can start right away with your linked bitcoin wallet address from faucethub and click the login button. Members can earn rewards points for taking quiz, offers and surf websites. Advertiser can advertise their websites in our ptc section and get traffic with a very small amount. Starting $0.00065 per visit. No minimum withdrwal limit for members. You can withdraw even 1 satoshi from here.

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Our site is growing so fast every day. Lots of users registered on each day. We are trying our best to make the best micro earning platforms. We are reviewing a lots of offerwall networks right now. Some are on the development phase, once its done we will add those, more will be added gradually.

Three steps to get free bitcoin

How It Work

Advertisers and members both can login to with their bitcoin wallet address. Make sure your bitcoin wallet address is linked to your account.


Create your wallet

Members only use your bitcoin wallet address. Advertiser has to put their account password and email address after login.


Complete Offers

There is a lot of offers available for our members. You can pick any of those and start earning free bitcoin very easily.


Withdraw your earnings

You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want. The withdrawal is automatic and there is no minimum limit.

Currency convertor

Quickest & fastest live cryptocurrency converter. We are using live cryptonator API for currency conversion.

cryptocurrency Start selling, buying and trading

Lots of cryptocurrency exchanges are available all over the world. You can see the price here and start trading or investing in bitcoin and other alt coins.

  • Easy to use & learn about blockchain technology.
  • Get some free cryptocurrency using airdrop platforms.
  • Buy bitcoin paying credit cards and more.
  • Revolutionize the future of digital currency,

Earn Free Cryptocurrency

I have hand picked some of the most easy and high rewards paying bitcoin and other alt coin faucets here. You can use my referral link if you like that. It's another way to fund this faucet site and make this site paying on time as always. All sites are manually tested and I also use them of my own.

Cryptocurrency Site Name Rewards Timer Claim
Bitcoin 4miner 10-100 SATOSHI 1 HOUR Claim
Bitcoin Fautsy 7-12 SATOSHI 5 MINUTES Claim
Bitcoin StarBits 5 SATOSHI 6 MINUTES Claim
Bitcoin ClaimBits 5 SATOSHI 6 MINUTES Claim
Bitcoin GoBits 5 SATOSHI 6 MINUTES Claim
Bitcoin i-Bits 5 SATOSHI 5 MINUTES Claim